Jan 12, 2021

We Continue to be OPEN during the Province-wide Lockdown!

Our clinic remains open during the province-wide shutdown!

As an Essential Service, our clinics remain open to continue providing our Expert Physiotherapy, Bracing, Compression Stockings & Custom Orthotics services.

Athens Physiotherapy continues to implement up-to-date COVID-19 screening, disinfecting, Physical distancing, PPE, and safety precautions to continue keeping our patients, staff, and community safe during clinic visits. Virtual services also continue to be available for those not suitable for clinic visits.

As a locally-owned small business, we are grateful to our patients and our community for your ongoing support during these challenging times. Thank you!


TeleHealth Available: Athletico Sports Physiotherapy

Virtual and TeleHealth is available at Athens Physiotherapy that enables us to continue offering our pain solution services to our patients, who are not able to attend care in-person.

Athens Physiotherapy is now offering Virtual care via Videoconferencing to all patients!

Athens Physiotherapy Videoconferencing sessions are secure, private and extremely interactive. Using this platform, we can continue to provide necessary care to all patients, including providing you with extensive exercise resources to do at home during the clinic closure due to COVID-19.

To book an appointment for TeleHealth

You can also book by sending us an email at [email protected] or call to book at 613-924-8888

FAQs about Athens Physiotherapy TeleHealth

1. What is TeleHealth?

Tele-rehabilitation is a method of treating clients and patients through a secure, online portal, from the comfort of your own home. Athens Physiotherapy is now offering online sessions as of March 23, 2020.

We can assess, treat, and provide exercises through this new type of service. If you are a current or new patient of ours and need assistance, please reach out at [email protected] and book with us!

2. Will my insurance cover Virtual TeleHealth Physiotherapy?

Most Canadian Insurance companies are accepting TeleHealth. We suggest calling your insurance provider to confirm, but most seem on board with this type of rehabilitation. We will provide you with an email insurance receipt (in the case of physiotherapy) as usual.

3. What if something goes wrong during the session?

Logistical errors such as internet connection can mostly be prevented by setting up in a place with reliable internet. If something does go wrong, your session can be re-booked. You and your practitioner will discuss what will happen should a serious situation arise, before the session begins.

4. Once I am booked for Athens Physiotherapy TeleHealth, what are the next steps?

Once your appointment is booked, you will receive an email from us with instructions on signing into the TeleHealth platform, at the time of your appointment. We advise that you sign-in 5-minutes in advance of your appointment. Then, just like FaceTime or Whatsapp, you will receive a Video Call from your Athens Physiotherapy Physiotherapist. When your treatment begins, the practitioner will click on your name and the session will start. No accounts needed. As for equipment, all you need is a desktop or laptop with a camera. For best results, the room you’re in should be well lit. You can even do this via cell phone, however we recommend a bigger screen just for logistics.

5. How will my privacy be protected during this session?

At Athens Physiotherapy, we use a secure, encrypted software which is compliant with the strict privacy laws in both Ontario and Canada. Your Athens Physiotherapy Physiotherapist will be in a private environment, and you yourself will be encouraged to set up your computer in a quiet room away from others and distractions.

6. How do I contact Athens Physiotherapy if I need to change/reschedule my appointment?

Please email us at [email protected] During this outbreak, our email is being monitored regularly.


Team Athens Physiotherapy

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